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Our application enables centralized configuration, access management and record keeping for the most common administrative support functions. Two main features of this project are: entering marks in mark sheet and printing marks. Both these functions are done automatically by this software application. Some other features of the project are to save, cancel and exit from the application.

Admin will add, update, delete and maintain all faculty related information by using the Administration module. Admin then provides explicit rights or access permission to specific user for the different module in with the assistance of BLE admin. All the information creates a various pre-structured formats, generating bespoken reports, add or delete faculty or other relevant information, etc. where work is done in the simplest manner.

What is Blexam?

Our Government institutions still practice the manual approach to entry the data regarding the Marks Processing System for Grade 8 Examination. It is coordinated by the district education offices of the Nepalese Government. However, the processing system is manual depending completely upon the Data clerks.

In order to optimize the enhancement in the system, BLE provides Digital-based approach for managing, publishing and keeping records of the data online which maintains security and under time duration eventually. If you have got more than one institutional institute you'll be able to conjointly manage all the information system knowledge in single software system and its password protected so privacy level is extremely high

The Future

The most amazing earmark of examination software system is its calculating procedure. Examination software system has conjointly used the feature of previous examination marks to the current exam. BLC system is used in any faculty student results, certificate management, administrative management maintaining standard access to teacher and student for all necessary result connected facilities. Furthermore, BLE system has made the carry forward marks segregation feasible in a very efficient manner making it a very distinctive application that can be used for the institution.


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Tracking of all informations via Cloud.

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generate a complete tabulation register in Exce

Evaluation of student performance and progress


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