Hospital Care Plus

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Hospital care plus is one of the leading branch in hospital sector, we care about hospital every moment. Hospital care plus will help to manage every task in hospital, we can say once hospital care plus is setup then hospital will be completely digitalized.

Hospital Care Plus Solution is fully integrated between the front and back office, clinical support, and Index-based care. It helps to manage the revenue cycle with tools that allow you to collect directly while streamlining billing and payment.

What is Hospital Care Plus?

Hospital Care Plus is based on Unified Communication (UC) Framework. It provides various real-time communication tools in order to enhance business communication between stakeholders. Doctors, Nurses Accountant, Phlebotomists, Pharmacist, Patient and other Hospital personnel can communicate smoothly.

The software allows physicians to connect and treat with their patients remotely and facilitates reimbursement for medicinal visits. Control mechanism automatically manages stakeholders' accounts based on login credentials, eliminating complex and tedious process of granting privilege individually. Furthermore, organized list of blood details, information about the blood in the blood bank, List of blood donors and their history of blood donation helps to enhance the system. Hospital Care plus has simple and easy functionality to add blood donators in the system.

The Future

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