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Rollment System is a part of a complete Human Resource management system. There are prominent features of an attendance management system but along with that an attendance management system has integrated features with other module of an HRMS as well.

It is a web-based attendance management system which will eliminate missed punches, incorrect time-entries, maintain an accurate record of attendance data with little to no supervision. HR staff doesn’t have to sift through piles of timesheets to process payrolls or retrieve employee working hours.

What is Rollment?

The attendance management helps to track the overtime of the employees and should pass that data in the monthly payroll calculation. It can be linked with any bio-metric device and attendance data flows to payroll software without any manual intervention. Using a cloud-based attendance management software, organizations can appease modern workers who don’t wish to be tied inside an office cubicle. For millennial in the workforce, remote working is a routine in work life. So, employers can no longer make do with on-premise attendance trackers.

What they need is an omni channel always-accessible, cloud-based attendance solution that tracks employee clock-in and clock-out hours on-the-go. Time and attendance software should go beyond just monitoring the presence of employees. The Rollment time attending management software system addresses the necessity of getting a clean employee register. Here, the tamper proof employee database is formed by having the employees either register from the mobile app and be approved by an admin, or the admin invitations the employees and approves their profile details, when they create their account.

The Future

Rollment management software system suite will generate, manage and maintain records on all payrolls and taxes that are needed throughout auditing. An attendance management system software will keep track of a worker attending, work assigned, leaves, overtime and additional from one, integrated platform. Rollment Management system is that the solely cloud platform within the world that will real time integration with all attending devices.

The device is connected to your computer network after installation of our software system and it automatically detects all time devices on your network and synchronizes the attending information with AB group analytic servers. The employee records are first stored on the local database, and then automatically uploaded to a secure server. The information can be viewed; however the changes will require admin rights at the position of management.


Generation of timesheet

Reduces payroll inaccuracies

Real Time attendance capture

Seamless Integration

Timesheet rectification made easy


Automates Generation of timesheet

Improves Employee Management


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